About Us

Hi! I'm Kelsey, owner of Raising Chaos Boutique. Welcome to my shop where my shopping and creativity addiction come together! RCB came about months after the birth of my first daughter. With me having a new baby girl and my two best friends having baby boys, I was determined to find the perfect shop with a mix of both genders. I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so decided to create RCB.

During the beginning COVID, while I was pregnant, I taught myself to sew. When RCB first started, handmade items were never the plan. As I kept making clothing for my girls, I kept getting inquires on creating pieces for others. We started carrying handmade in 2022 and our customers are in LOVE! We are now a mix between Boutique Clothing + Handmade!

Why Raising Chaos? Our boutique name is the definition of my household. Raising kids in the midst of chaos. If I had to ever describe my daily life, it would be chaotic. Mix in kids and there you have Raising Chaos!

I am a bundle of energy and get so excited with every new customer that purchases or joins in on the fun in our Facebook VIP Group (Raising Chaos Boutique VIP). Join our group for occasional exclusive products and an exclusive VIP discount! I am so happy you found our boutique an hope you will find something that will go perfect in your little's closet!

  • Pre-Orders

    Pre-Orders are often open weekly. TAT for Pre-Orders varies, but most are anywhere between 14-28 business days. TAT will be stated in the description of all Pre-Ordered items & updates are made in our Facebook VIP Group: Raising Chaos Boutique VIP.

  • Handmade

    Handmade items are offered usually 2-3 times per month. TAT for handmade items is always updated at the top of the website unless otherwise stated on the product listing.

    CUSTOMS: As of now, customs are only open and available for special occasions (ex: Birthdays). We will only be accepting a couple customs per month, as our regular handmande drops have become more demanding with more orders! If we cannot accomodate your custom request, we have some amazing reccomendations for others who may have openings! Please reach out via Facebook Messenger through Raising Chaos Boutique for any inquires!

  • RCB Exclusives

    RCB Exclusives are items that we have made specific for Raising Chaos customers only! These are exclusive to our shop and a lot of planning, designing, and decision making goes into each and every one of these exclusive items! Our Brand Reps get the opportunity to be involved in this decision making process and it's so much fun! We hope you all love the Exclusive items we release!!